It is strong (lasting power and projection) but is not overwhelming and it still manages to have a light and sparkling scent about it. I have been looking for an intersting perfume for quite a while. I simply fell in love with it. Such a strong mature white floral with some woody and musky notes. Pleasant perfume. I wish it weren't so expensive. It is a classic yet modern floral, beautifully balanced and womanly. Girls, this is a masterpiece that you should have in your wardrobe. 45 minutes later she called me to tell that this is a panty wetter. J’Adore Absolu, available since the beginning of October 2018, is a new edition of Dior’s J’Adore collection. J’Adore L’Absolu è una fragranza floreale intensa, lussuosa e sofisticata, espressione unica del bouquet floreale originale di J’Adore, sublimata dalle assolute di fiori, armoniosamente miscelate: l’Assoluta di Rosa Damascena dolce e vibrante, l’Assoluta di Gelsomino Sambac, seducente e luminoso, e l’Assoluta di Tuberosa d’India, potente e voluttuosa. The principles of Rose Centifolia, Grasse Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine and Indian Tuberose combined to become an enviably full and sensational scent. Creamy, clean, feminine, warm, luxurious, beautiful. Richiedilo! I wore the sample for a few days and decided I didn't like it, it was OK but I wouldn't spend the big bucks when there are so many other 'nice' florals around. I strolled into the perfume dept the other week while Mum was busy and walked out with J'Adore L'Absolu. Your Shopping Cart is Empty. And it's potent so you don't have to use much. J'Adore Absolu was launched in 2018. Ladylike, super feminine and a classic, no doubt. I love this perfume,its so romantic and flowery ,sweet smelling ,but not sick sweet,sweet fresh smelling perfume ! I am also realizing how much I love tuberose. That said, one would expect some change in the price tag as well, though. “J’adore absolu is the new floral nectar by the House of Dior. I must say this has great staying power though; I could still smell its flowery-musk drydown on my wrist this morning before my shower. The funny thing is, i got mine in a perfume shop seeing this box sitting in the corner of the shelf and no one is noticing it and in my surprise, the lady asked me why i chose this one? I have no idea what the notes listed above apply to, but it’s not the current (prior to the 10/18 version called absolu -no ‘l) version of l’absolu. TESTER. J'adore, i think this perfume is the best as a gift, because it smells expensive, sexy and elegant and many people i know like it. Producent: Christian Dior. Nothing avant-garde, conceptual or extreme, but one of the best florals on the market. I received my bottle this morning and wow I'm so happy. Wszystkie zapachy tylko za jedyne 109zł. Live chat; Currency Login / Register; shopping bag 0. Absolus van Jasmijn uit Grasse, Arabische Jasmijn, Roos en Magnolia worden verstrengeld met een nieuwe frisheid: de bloemen hebben de zoetheid van een heerlijke siroop, een sublieme, natuurlijke en sensuele … It opens up with a sparkling ylang ylang; very fresh and intoxicating. :), My husband got me as a surprise gift. var s1=document.createElement("script"),s0=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; La storia dell'Assoluta è la storia delle assolute di fiori. Excellent longevity 9 hrs on skin. Lovvvee it. fruits note it is just enough and professional composition which i really appreciate. Christian Dior J’Adore Absolu For Women EDP 75ml (Tester) Ket : Dus Tester , Ada Tutup. Cell. I find this version simplified yet richer and even better. This isn't a review, rather a comment on what happened when I introduced this fragrance to a close friend. })(); © 2021 Jual Parfum Original Murah. Risparmia fino al 70%. The new fragrance is built around Grasse Jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents. Fragrance -J'Adore L'Absolu Christian Dior. This is my first experience with J'adore at all and wow. Such a classy and elegant perfume with excellent sillage and perfect longivity. To have a fragrance with big florals like rose, jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang all together is a beautiful thing to smell. On me it is very much a like Fifth Avenue Elizabeth Arden. J'adore l'Absolu is such a beauty! J'adore Absolue is OK as far as it goes, but for me it does not go far enough. It is not boring, or superficially sweet, or screechy. J’adore Absolu è il nuovo nettare floreale della Maison Dior. Christian Dior J´adore Absolu Parfumska voda po najboljši ceni na Spletič Flowers here do play the main role and the result is addictive. J’Adore Absolu, available since the beginning of October 2018, is a new edition of Dior’s J’Adore collection. Fragrance sent from heaven. Perfumes: 63893 i absolutely love this perfume. kini kami bisa dipercaya oleh para pelanggan semua. Why isn't it more adventurous. I liked it right away as I sprayed it on my skin but, to me, it got much better after about 2 hours as musky & woody base notes got more noticeable. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Taikome nuolaidas. Warning: This is a review of the reformulated version from 2018. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Odkryj niskie ceny perfum dla kobiet i mężczyzn z darmowa wysyłka od 299zł. The wonderful mixture of floral & woody musk lasted hours and hours. Kategoria: Damskie. After a few minutes, the florals calm a bit and it becomes a bit more fruity. i never dream to have this perfume. out of i really really really looovveee this perfume! I finally had the chance to try this one yesterday after a long time of admiring the bottle; at first sniff, it was strangely familiar.....where had I smelled this before? Comparing to J'adore edp it is softer,does't have those sharp notes of edp. Sprawdź informacje, opinie o … I don't care for the original J'Adore (edp) - I find it a little harsh and synthetic. I love love this one... Every lover of white floral scents should give this a try! The second she tried this juice, I thought she was going to rip her clothes off. I wouldn't describe it as clean of fresh, it's heady and lush. The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy. 4.06 In een weelderige compositie vermengt François Demachy vlezige en sensuele bloemen-absolus. Still, they smell too much alike to my nose, so not worth buying for me. J'Adore Absolu by Christian Dior is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Prisijungti. This is a wedding fragrance for sure. Really really exceptional, a little bit similar to original j'adore, but much better, richer, OMG. The drydown is nice, sweet floral smell, and the scent of ylang ylang really stands through. All’interno di una composizione irresistibilmente polposa, François Demachy mischia delle assolute floreali carnose e sensuali. Christian Dior J'Adore Absolu Eau de Parfum Absolue 75ml Spray. Is L'Absolu discontinued due to 2018 version Absolu? Christian Dior J’Adore Absolu For Women EDP 75ml (Tester). J’adore absolu is built around Grasse Jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents.”, Your email address will not be published. Sillage + Longevity= Great. 5 with 'Absolue' or, simply put, 'absolute' is a term that perfumers seem to use to describe natural ingredients of the highest possible quality. I have a J'Adore mini from 1999 and it is identical so there must have been a reformulation of the original somewhere along the line. It is a classy fragrance, definitely moves toward night scent as it deepens and gets "richer" with time. It is very sexy as well, but not in literal way, not as stright in your face oriental-vanilla. Smells like real flowers with a tinge of fruit. I never understood what others meant by "creamy" until now. Up for auction is GENUINE CHRISTIAN DIOR J’ADORE ABSOLU 2.5oz 75ml EDP SPRAY WOMEN TESTER 60% FULL. Absolutes of Grasse Jasmine, Sambac Jasmine, Rose and Magnolia intertwine with unprecedented freshness: flowers take on the sweetness of a delicious syrup, a sublime, natural and seductive nectar. Yet, as far as I am concerned, this perfume is rather oriental, and not so much fruity. This version of J'adore is by far my favourite. Lasts about 4 hours on me and I got a large bottle for less than $50 on an auction site. Nuty zapachowe Nuty głowy: esencja ylang ylang. I was also given a sample of J'Adore EDP, the saleslady referred to it as J'Adore Light. I like this much better than the original J'Adore, and as quite a few have noted, it is more floral and soft and not nearly as synthetic and sharp as the original. J'Adore L'Absolu by Christian Dior is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Back Prima pagină Parfumuri pentru EA Dior J’Adore L’absolu – Apa de parfum, 100ml (Tester) Produsul anterior Armani SI White – Apa de parfum, 100ml (Tester) 289,00 lei 149,00 lei I still LOVE J'Adore the best but I do like this one a lot as it is the first perfume that I actually enjoy the mild and "warm" Ylang Ylang in it (as Ylang Ylang can be very sharp and harsh if being over used). Besides, I love the pear note in original J'adore, so I'll stick with that one. Description . A lot better than the watered down EDP. More floral, less fruity and not as sharp like the edt and edp. This gives me rich lady vibes. oh, also l prefer edt then original too. Reminded me a little bit of Fire & Ice (Revlon). Sweet, vanillary and spicy is what I could smell. J'Adore L'Absolu was launched in 2007. 1,643 votes. I can clearly detect the Tuberose and Jasmine but no Rose at all. Like CozyCat said, the pear note from the original is absent in this. If you are a tuberose and jasmin lover, you'll love this scent.. Christian Dior J'adore L'absolu kvepalai moterims, Jadore aromatas moterims. I like this one much more than rotten pear-smelling orginal J'Adore. I prefer this than original. Very beautiful & modern creamy floral. The original juicy couture has tuberose and that was one of my first love at first sniff frags. Top note is Ylang-Ylang; middle notes are Jasmine, Tuberose and Rose; base notes are Fruity Notes, Musk and Woodsy Notes. i can sense all the note from top to bottom. If I hadn't tried L'absolu I probably would have quite liked the Eau de Parfum. The flowers of J'adore made into a necta The flowers featured in J’adore Absolu are formed into a nectar. s1.src=''; I woke up from a dream about the man I love. Then I realized why it was familiar; I have smelled it on a daily basis on almost every woman I come in contact with for my job. Mmm this is really delicious. Prekių su 24val. Prada La Femme L Eau For Women EDT 100ml (Tester), Burberry London Classic For Men EDT 100ml, Jeanne Arthes Sultane For Women EDP 100ml, Marc Jacobs Decadence For Women EDP 100ml, Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub For Women EDP 85ml, Christian Dior Jadore For Women EDP 100ML, Antonio Banderas The Secret Temptation for Women EDT 80ml, Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet For Women EDT 65ML. Opis CHRISTIAN DIOR J’ADORE L’ABSOLU TESTER 100ml EDP Górne nuty: ylang-ylang Środkowe nuty: jaśmin, tuberoza, róża Dolne nuty: nuty owocowe, nuty drzewne, piżmo Christian Dior J’adore L’absolu to absolutna kwintesencja kobiecości, która dojrzała na przestrzeni lat. Blind buy that started out as a strong like and is now a favorite. “J’adore absolu is the new floral nectar by the House of … Required fields are marked *. 331.8245998 Wonderful! This is beautiful, a much more creamy floral than the original turning a bit musky on the dry down. Now I am reading the notes and I can't find vanilla or anything too spicy listed. J'Adore has always been a bit ethereal and banal, but the absolue feels so much more well rounded and full. That's a real plus for me, since I couldn't stand it. This perfume is amazing — a fabulous blend of jasmine, rose and tuberose absolutes. Jadore L'absolu Perfume by Christian... (128.51 USD), Perfume rating Perfumes:The Guide was spot on in their review of this-it's very much J'Adore with better quality ingredients. BUT I loathed the opening of sharp ylang yang. L'Absolu is drier, quiter, more floral and waaay less fruity. It gives the kind of feeling of a rich, sensual and self-confident woman. Christian Dior J´adore Absolu jetzt günstig bei bestellen und sofort sparen. Christian Dior J'adore L'absolu kvapusis vanduo moterims. Thanks. Tester Jadore L’absolute Edp Absolue 75ml Tiếp nối thành công của J’adore, Dior tiếp tục giới thiệu phiên bản J’adore L’absolu dành riêng cho những người yêu mến J’adore cũng như nhãn hiệu Dior với hương thơm dịu dàng tôn vinh vẻ đẹp nữ tính và … Your email address will not be published. I had this sprayed on my wrist today. However, it doesn't turn uber sweet since its balanced by the woody/musk note. Dengan pengalaman bekerja di perusahaan parfum dan di support seluruh perusahaan besar di indonesia. Markenprodukt Christian Dior J´adore Absolu mit Tiefpreisgarantie! I tried this on one wrist with the Eau de Parfum on the other, and the Eau De Parfum smelt thin and synthetic in contrast to the richness of L'absolu. J'dore is the ultimately romantic fragrance. I could also smell a bit of woody and fruity notes. Oddly enough it is not the top note for me. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars: 4.7 out of 5 … TESTER DIOR JADORE L'ABSOLU 75ML WODA PERFUMOWANA. I simply assumed that I would enjoy the L'absolue version better, I generally enjoy extreme, absolue and essenze versions, so I just guessed that it would be the case with the J'adore line as well.. Really feminine. I think it's really classy, but a natural and low-key sort of classy that never comes across as stuffy or boring. Brands:Dior. CHRISTIAN DIOR J’ADORE L'ABSOLU TESTER 100ml woda perfumowana dla kobiet | Najtańsze testery perfum w Polsce | i ponad 400 zapachów dostępnych w naszym sklepie internetowym Dior J'Adore Absolu 2018 75 ml EDP Tester Ocena 5 / 5 208 opinii. Simply a beautiful blend of ylang and strong white flowers, creating a smooth but bright floral. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. I even have to admit (please don't stone me though!) "In the morning, Jasmine has … Vibrant tuberose, a jazz of fruit, beckoning jasmine, and heady roses...packaged in a golden vial designed for the pleasure of women. Ladies please wear this more ;) classy, sexy, feminine mmmmhmm! I can smell the ylang ylang right away followed by a distinct kind of sweetness that balances its entire structure. Le assolute di gelsomino di Grasse, gelsomino sambac, rosa e magnolia si intrecciano con freschezza inedita: i fiori acquistano la dolcezza di uno sciroppo delizioso e di un nettare … J'Adore L'Absolu by Christian Dior is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. I believe that this is a textbook feminine fragrance that no one would dislike. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for J'adore L'absolu for Women by Dior 2.5 Oz Eau De Parfum Spray Tester at the best online prices at … as the name "absolue" (no holds barred) suggests? I have only managed to use about 2/3 of the larger bottle of the former because, after a while, it started to feel a bit too much to me and even overpowering at times to the point of my feeling dizzy, so to the wardrobe it went, only to be rediscovered a while ago. Top note is Ylang-Ylang; middle notes are Jasmine, Tuberose and Rose; base notes are Fruity Notes, Musk and Woodsy Notes. Purchase is required on eBay. I get a beautiful white floral from this. Having spent much time lately looking for the 'perfect' fume but to little avail, I decided to give this one another try and purchased the current (2015) version. no one ever asked for j'adore absolu. This perfume is for daytime, a soft composition which isn't too showy, but noticeable. The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy. Purchase the Jadore L'absolu by Christian Dior Eau de Parfum 2.5 oz 75 ml for Women at the lowest price.Fast and free shipping.100% Authentic. Just one spray and I was transported back to dreamland....L`Absolu is sensual and womanly. The most elegant floral to date, none of the mega bazillion floral veils of amouage or fracas, not to say they re anyway sub-par, but l'absolu is more of a sophisticated selectful of high quality ingredients, i wouldnt say this is heady but it is strong and powerful, like woman oozing strong willed feminity, this isnt waif/butch/trashy/demure/girly/sombre/fun, it s just elegance. I find this to be a clean, mature floral. I have done some stupid things with girls I should not have dated because of this fragrance. It smells very classy and sensual at the same time. : SM23917. J'ADORE L'ABSOLU 2.5 EDP SP,CDF071523709,3348901396387. All rights reserved, Christian Dior JAdore Absolu For Women EDP 75ml (Tester), Be the first to review “Christian Dior JAdore Absolu For Women EDP 75ml (Tester)”. now i have this perfume. Nice, richly floral, feminine, not offensive......but where is the sensuality the commercial promises? 2 opinie dla CHRISTIAN DIOR J’ADORE L’ABSOLU 100ml EDP. Top notes are Jasmine Sambac and Magnolia; middle notes are Jasmine, Indian Tuberose and May Rose; base note is Orange Blossom. A creamy floral scent that is very sophisticated. Siūlome įsigyti Christian Dior kvepalų internetu pigiau. In an incredibly lush composition, François Demachy blends voluptuous and sensual floral absolutes. Clean, a little soapy, floral. 359,99 z ł. Dior.. Chapeau (y). All it does now is put a smile on my face whenever I wear it, literally, which is exactly what I want my frag to do, all day every day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that this basically smells like the original J'adore + Pure Poison? It soon morphs into a duet of jasmine and ylang ylang, supported by the full and creamy tuberose. Aromat niezwykle kobiecy i hipnotyzujący zmysły stworzony z myślą o wytwornych kobietach, kochających elegancję i piękno. Jadore L'absolu Perfume by Christian... (. The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy. Ylang Ylang noticeable. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. And today, I found J'adore L'absolu. s1.async=true; Since I've had plenty of opportunity to wear L'absolu, I have come to the conclusion that the perfume is somewhat disappointing. If you are looking for a classy, elegant and rich scent, then that's the one. It smells like the original J'adore (which I love) minus the pear note, and more emphasis on the florals. Certainly nice but not much personality especially years after Fifth Avenue. J'adore L'absolu is a flanker, but at least it really does feel like an 'absolu' version of its original. I am pleased with this perfume, it is great!!!! var Tawk_API=Tawk_API||{}, Tawk_LoadStart=new Date(); Online right now: 2203, Fragrantica in your language: Tester profumo DIOR J'ADORE ABSOLU Eau de parfum (EDP) per Donna nel formato da 75 ml con vaporizzatore a spray. s0.parentNode.insertBefore(s1,s0); Just picking up the bottles and sniffing them (I know that's not a very good way to try perfumes) they all smell much of a muchness. J'adore absolu is de nieuwe bloemennectar van la Maison Dior. She found it sooo sexually intense she couldn't stop smelling her wrist. To me it is a floral blend reaching perfection: creamy tuberose, fresh rose, exotic ylang-ylang, lush jasmine and a hint of soft fruit that does not have anything to do with the alcoholic pear sharpness opening of J'adore EDP ( though I like the latter very much!). Christian Dior Jadore, 3.4 Fluid Ounce. Today I wanted to feel like a goddess so I treated myself with a bottle of J’adore L’Absolu. Nothing gold can stay, except for this glamorous masterpiece by the house of Dior ❤. Fragrance has been stored in a clean smoke free environment. Good. This is a mature and gorgeous smell, very calming and simply lovely in every way. On me, floral and fresh, I love it! It quite soft and apeeling, floral notes are more stonger then fruity notes. Upon rising, the first thing I did was to reach for J`Adore L`Absolu. No international shipping. DIOR – J’ADORE L’ABSOLU EDP 75ML. @ Ludicolo : You are not the only one who thinks J'adore L'absolu is J'adore + Pure Poison. Shop for Christian Dior. well i guess i hit a jackpot. I have owned both the pre-reformulation (2009) and the current version. It is maybe simpler, but more floral, sensual in a more classic and feminine way. I have samples, and the notes listed (only 4) are: Damascus Rose, Rose De Mai, Jasmine Sambac, Indian Tuberose. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I like the dry down, elegant white florals. A safe scent....but what fun is that? Address will be provided after the purchase has been made. offers J'adore Absolu perfume in various sizes, all at discount prices. very deep, warm, moist, rich and strong ylang-ylang, tuberose, jasmine and rose. Love it! Satisfaction Guaranteed. A new addition form Dior in women fragrences. Klasifikasi : Oriental Floral. ženkleliu išsiuntimas per 24H +370 618 44441; Prisijungti. Lots of flowers, longlasting, I feel rich and special with this one. mostly jasmine, some ylang and tuberose, a little rose and some musk; pretty but a kind of mainstream floral hairspray scent; much prettier than regular J'Adore. Quoting from CozyCat, this is almost similar to the vintage J'adore, but this is more 'floral' than 'fuity floral'. Almost no difference. I think it smells expensive, glamorous, and elegant. 65,00 € Esaurito. STOCK Code: B1392 DT DT Free local pick up is available by appointment. It's an intense, rich, feminine and elegant perfume. (EdP). Ottenute mediante estrazione, un procedimento di Alta Profumeria, donano alle fragranze una sfaccettatura profonda, sensuale e intensa. The jasmine and tuberose in this smell almost photorealistic. Although this one definitely starts off more alcoholic and has a curious synthetic feel in places, as others have noted, having lost some of its former fullness and longevity, it is still such a stunning beauty. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. s1.charset='UTF-8'; Christian Dior J'Adore L'Absolu tester Woda perfumowana spray 75ml, cena 336,00 zł oraz inne wody perfumowane kup w Perfumerii If you want an alluring sexy scent that radiates femininity, tenderness and sentuality, then that's the scent!! Nice! diciptakan untuk anda para penggemar parfum original di indonesia. Originalni izdelek Christian Dior J´adore Absolu Parfumska voda čaka na vas! Beautiful classy Jasmine Ylang Ylang...smooth well rounded. This perfume smells great and I think everyone who likes long lasting perfumes should try this...... J'adore line, to my nose, is anything but Dior.With that being said, I don't mean, by any means, that it is not worth the label Dior, quite the opposite but I do not recognize Dior "heady" kind of perfume in J' adore. Dior J’Adore L’Absolu jest zmienioną wersją klasycznego J’Adore, która została wzbogacona o kwiatowe nuty – zmysłowy jaśmin, ylang-ylang oraz tuberozę. I love J'adore - but this one will be my next pick when this bottle is empty. s1.setAttribute('crossorigin','*'); Mature and creamy White Floral opening. All I get is a pleasant and utterly forgettable scent that is unfortunately everywhere. Never has this been more accurate when used for J'Adore. this perfume is absolutely elegance, sophisticated and feminine. I say this as a compliment. Fragrance Reviews: 1025759 Reformulation notwithstanding, to me this is the ultimate happy scent, reminding me of sunny early spring days. J'Adore L'Absolu Eau de Parfum 5ml JADORE VARIETY by Christian Dior SET-4 PIECE MINI VARIETY WITH JADORE (EDP) & JADORE L'ABSOLU (EDP) & JADORE (EDT) & JADORE IN JOY (EDT) & ALL ARE .17 Buy Now » This makes for a great all occasion scent - appropriate for the office, date night, hot weather, cold weather. Strong scents of Jasmine & Tuberose and a touch of rose give lovely, velvety feel. I'm in love with l'or and this beauty is mix of original edp and l'or. I wanted to like this, but unfortunately, it's just a big NO. Alas, it was too late because time has already taken its toll on it and it has gone kinda sour. that I like this one a tad better because now that it has been stripped of some of its former monstrous potency, gone are the ocassional headaches. There is a confusing array of variations of J'adore. If anyone has sniffed out the new Absolu J’adore can you say categorically what the difference between the new and the old is? Well it's no surprise she went and bought a bottle. Nama multiparfum terbentuk karena suami bekerja di salah satu perusahaan parfum terbesar di Indonesia. J'adore Absolu 2 5 oz / 75 ml Eau De Parfume Absolue Spray for women By Christian Dior. I don't like J'adore EDT & EDP, I suspect because of the pear note but I'm loving this. Rực rỡ, gợi cảm, tinh tế là loại nước hoa tôn vinh sự trở lại của vẻ đẹp nữ tính và sức mạnh của những xúc cảm bột phát. Batch number 0A01. PROFUMERIA COLOMBO Via Salita alla Rocca, 17 – San Marino – 47890 – RSM P.I. It's 100% class. Differentemente da altri J'adore noto una lieve nota di frutta ma senza ombra di dubbio è la jasmina che spicca sopra le altre. Really lovely and elegant fragrance, a great exercise in white florals by Dior. Tester perfum występuje w opakowaniu zastępczym, najczęściej białym kartonie Tester posiada na opakowaniu informacje “tester” / “demonstration” Dodatkowe informacje. This is not a review. It's all floral but tame and boring. (function(){ I asked my BF for this bottle as a gift, I did not compare it properly with the original version before. Christian Dior J´adore Absolu 75ml EDP Testeris Moterims. During this time, musk eventually comes in and lightens things up a bit. I love it!!! Always get compliments on it. J’Adore L’Absolu nasce nel 2007 dalla collaborazione tra la maison Dior ed il maestro profumiere Francois Demachy. Top Brands. It makes you feel like you're walking in a big garden, where the smell of jasmin and tuberose are mixed with fresh green leaves, all wrapped in a warm and love bouquet!! Such a heavenly scent!! Nước hoa TESTER Nữ Dl0R J’adore Absolue EDP 75ml Hai triệu X/ chai 75ml Phiên bản Absolu được tăng cường hàm lượng tinh dầu thơm nhiều hơn thơm hơn, độ bám toả dai hơn bản Eau De Parfum thông thường. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Its more J'adore than the original. Perfume lovers: 611492 This one is even better then the regular one,much better.I find it more sensual and softer,very luxurious too.. NEW Jadore Absolu By Christian Dior Eau De Parfum Absolue 2.5 Floz TESTER. J\'adore L\'absolu porte à son comble la science des fleurs et l\'expertise du parfumeur. Free US shipping with orders over $59. Come le sue sorelle l'Absolu di J'adore ha un'identità comune, il mix rosa,muschio e legno. For me, this is the stand-out variation. This perfume is a great version of j'adore!! Not that I regret it, but speaks to the effect of this scent. Much richer than the original and less messy. Brands. Opens up with ylang ylang, rose and jasmine and keeps going strong with those power flowers for hours. From strip, the traditional the rose + jasmine absolue are the strongest contender rounded around the edgest with powdery ylang ylang and a somewhat quieter tuberose background. Nước hoa Dior J'adore Absolue là mùi hương mới được hãng Dior ra mắt vào tháng 10 năm 2018, bổ sung thêm một nhân tố hấp dẫn cho bộ sưu tập Dior J'adore đình đám. Fun fruity scent to start which then melts down to a classy elegant floral soft lingering sexy dry down. What it is: J'adore Absolu Eau de Parfum is the new floral nectar by the House of Dior. Všechny informace o produktu Parfém Christian Dior J'adore L'absolu parfémovaná voda dámská 75 ml tester, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Christian Dior J'adore L'absolu parfémovaná voda dámská 75 ml tester. I never asked her how her night 100%, This is what classy,feminine, elegant, divine, goddess-like woman smells like. Then the Ylang-ylang starts weaving it way through. J'adore J'adore L'Absolu:) Love it. Just lovely. Ten perfum zdominuje zdecydowanie ciała odważnych i pewnych siebie kobiet za sprawą … it is the extended version of EDP - warmy lush luxurious floral composition. This is a new fragrance. J'Adore L'Absolu was launched in 2007.